What We Do

What We Do

Health Incubation

Investment Facilitation

Bluecloud Healthcare aims to reduce the contextual risk of investment by working with African healthcare projects and businesses which have a potentially viable business model, but have not been able to make the investment grade due to a myriad of factors, such as the lack of a comprehensive business plan, size, or human resource issues. Bluecloud Healthcare works with them, together with the optional use of our specialist partners to upgrade and develop their business strategies, plans , resources and operational capabilities to be able to qualify for substantial investment and capital injections, to help develop their expansion, growth, resources and quality.

Managerial Competency Training

The quality and integrity of management is critical, and is perhaps one of the major constraints hindering large scale investments into African businesses. Top management is largely responsible for making the strategic decisions such as the allocation of resources – both capital and personnel- that would deliver the best returns to shareholders and stakeholders. There is no substitute for a management team with integrity that is fundamentally committed to acting in the best interests of shareholders. 

Bluecloud Healthcare works with management to upgrade their competency, and to enable open, transparent and accountable values and principles which form the bedrock of any successful and sustainable business. We also work on matching the skills of management and staff to strategy, and also training to facilitate the uniformity of strategic intent throughout the organisation. This involves looking at culture management, strategic targeting, and taking a long-term perspective of the business.