Funtleyder: Fade the biotech rally

BlueCloud Senior Consulting Partner, Les Funtleyder, interviewed on CNBC on the reaction of the healthcare sector in the US on the Trump presidency.

Amish, CEO of regency and senior partner at Bluecloud

Regency Clip

Steven Adjei, Founding Partner, BlueCloud Health

Steven Adjei, Founding Partner, BlueCloud Health, speaking on the importance of BlueCloud in promoting healthcare investment in sub-Saharan Africa.

Barry Kistnasamy

Barry Kistnasamy, Compensation Commissioner for Occupational Diseases at the Department of Health in South Africa, speaking at BlueCloud’s session on health at AFIF 2015, Cape Town on the importance of healthcare investment in sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Amish Kanabar

Dr Amish Kanabar, Partner, BlueCloud Health on his hospital, Regency Medical Centre featured on the Uhuru Torch – an event to recognise outstanding infrastructure projects in Tanzania