Delivering emerging healthcare.

1. Diagnostic Centre in Luanda, Angola: BlueCloud Healthcare has just facilitated the construction of a $10 million state of the art diagnostic centre in central Luanda, Angola. Construction is due to start in November/December and is forecast to be completed by April/May 2017. A local partner, Ovideos LDA, finances this project and an African based healthcare conglomerate.

2. Supply of medicines to Luanda, Angola: BlueCloud Healthcare has also facilitated the $5million initial investment of the supply of branded and generic medicines to Angola. This will create hundreds of jobs. Regulatory issues are now being sorted out, and active importation and distribution is due to start January 2017.

3. Pharmacy Chain in Ghana: BlueCloud Healthcare has just exited the facilitation of Ghana’s first real pharmacy retail chain, with 20 retail outlets forecast by mid 2018. The first capital release has been secured to strengthen IT, distribution and SOP fundamentals to strengthen the business before forecast expansion in January 2017. The outfit now has 5 retail outlets.

4. $18 million hospital in Nigeria: One of Nigeria’s premier healthcare practioners is working with BlueCloud Healthcare to construct an $18 million mother and baby multispecialty hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. One of Africa’s premier hospital operating companies, a partner of BlueCloud Healthcare is working as part of a consortium to prepare a business model for appropriate capital investment.

5. Health educational institution expansion in Botswana: BlueCloud Healthcare has been tasked with razing $5m expansion capital to facilitate the expansion of a healthcare tertiary institution domiciled in Botswana, but seeking to expand into other areas of southern Africa.

6. The AFIF conference: BlueCloud Healthcare flagship healthcare session, held annually in Africa and Europe seeks to expand the network of investors prepared to invest in the healthcare sector in Africa. The Healthcare session seeks to expose the healthcare sector to policy makers, investors, project managers and other companies on the opportunities available in Africa’s healthcare sector. The 2015 conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa, which culminated in a $4,000 award to the best healthcare entrepreneur of the conference.

7. Diagnostic centre chain in Nigeria: This smaller project is seeking a seed fund of $300,000 to be able to expand its facilities to the eastern part of Nigeria. The first outlet in Enugu, Nigeria has been running for the past year and is working with BlueCloud Healthcare to strengthen its business fundamentals, and prepare for expansion in mid 2017.

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