BlueCloud Healthcare organising health session under the auspices of the emrc AFIF 2015 conference

BlueCloud Healthcare, in conjunction with Pfizer is organising Africa’s first healthcare investment session under the auspices of emrc’s 2015 Africa Finance and Investment Forum(AFIF).

The EMRC ( was formed in Brussels, Belgium in 1992 and is a non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging and enhancing partnerships in Africa. To this end, emrc hosts and organises 2 main conferences:

Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF)

The AFIF conference is one of Africa’s flagship investment conferences and is now entering its 12th year.

This conference is historic as it is the first one to be organized in Africa and also to contain a healthcare session. All the other conferences have concentrated on infrastructure and the extractive industries, and have been hosted in various European cities. (see below)

The Keynote speakers for the conference are Lord Paul Boateng, former UK ambassador to South Africa, and Professor Monty Jones, president of the emrc and a world-acclaimed scientist.

The latest template for the 2015 edition can be downloaded here. This template is updated regularly, the website would endeavor to publish the latest edition. It now has its dedicated section on the emrc website:

The admission form for this exciting conference is now available, and can be downloaded here.

The 2014 edition was held in Cologne, Germany at the German Development Institute (DEG) headquarters, and the full report and brochure can be downloaded here.

Past editions include:

AFIF 2013 – held in Geneva in conjunction with the European Investment Bank, Afrexim Bank and others; (confernence report can be downloaded here)

AFIF 2012 – took place in Utrecht, hosted and organized in collaboration with Rabobank;

AFIF 2011 – organized in Lisbon, in the framework of the AfDB’s Annual Meetings;

AFIF 2009 – held at the ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam, in partnership with FMO;

AFIF 2008 – held at the Credit Agricole headquarters in Paris.

Full reports of all the conferences including speakers, partners and events can be found on our partner the emrc, at .More about emrc can also be found under the ‘partners’ tab section of this website.

The 2015 healthcare session

For the first time, BlueCloud Healthcare in conjunction with Pfizer will be organizing a healthcare investment session at the 2015 conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The healthcare session will be held on the 25th November and will feature high level speakers such as Dr Felix Olale, CEO of Excelsior Firm, Dr Amit Thakker President of the Eastern African Healthcare Federation and Dr Patrick Osewe, Lead African Healthcare Specialist at the World Bank. It will also feature a panel of African healthcare experts, and an entrepreneurial session of exciting new African healthcare entrepreneurs who would pitch their innovations before a panel of healthcare experts including Les Funtleyder, US partner at BlueCloud Healthcare and Dr Amish Kanabar, CEO of Regency Healthcare and BlueCloud founding partner.

The concept note for the healthcare session can be downloaded here, and the draft session for the conference can be downloaded here.