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Mr Peabody and Sherman

It may, sometimes be an advantage to start from a position of weakness- this may induce critical thinking out of the box that may inspire novel solutions to old problems. The new animation movie currently showing at the cinemas, Mr Peabody and Sherman epitomises this. Mr Peabody was a dog who ended up in an orphanage; nobody wanted to adopt him because he was such a nerd. However because nobody wanted him, he applied himself to studying and eventually ended up a national hero, advising presidents and folks in high places.

My point? The serious healthcare challenges facing Africa may also need critical thinking out of the box. For instance, who says every clinic must be manned by a doctor? Who says FDI and private equity into healthcare cannot yield a healthy return? Who says we a country cannot commit less than the 15% of GDP recommended by the Abuja conference in 2001 for healthcare and still come up with a good healthcare system?

We need to apply the continent’s best minds to supply homegrown solutions to Africa’s long standing healthcare problems.

And the time is now.