Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Team

Bluecloud Healthcare exists to arrange financing and investment for potentially profitable and viable African health-related projects and businesses. This involves strengthening and augmenting their managerial and operational capabilities, assisting with business plans and proposals as well as pitching on their behalf to prospective investors. This thus enables them to considerably reduce their contextual risk of investment.

Who We Are


We will contribute meaningfully and significantly to healthcare delivery in stable emerging African economies by facilitating and arranging financing and investment for viable and potentially profitable health-related projects and businesses

Our Values

  • Professionalism: we will strive to execute every project with the singular focus and professionalism it deserves.
  • Excellence: We aim to adhere to the highest standards of excellence and attention to detail.
  • Research led: We plan to base our analysis, training and decision making on the latest scientific business thinking and cutting-edge research available.
  • Contextual application: No two businesses or projects are the same. We will tailor and apply our research to fit with the particular context and idiosyncrasies of each business we deal with.
  • Long-term trustworthy relationships: Bluecloud Healthcare will endeavour to build long term relationships with all stakeholders: investors, businesses, government, individuals, and patients.

Who We Are


BlueCloud Healthcare exists to provide new ethical, sustainable and profitable healthcare investment opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa, and in so doing, increase the life expectancy and substantially improve healthcare outcomes for all Africans.

The Sustainable Development Goal 3

BlueCloud has signed up to the 3rd Sustainable Development Goal to ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all Africans of all ages


Our Principles

  • Fairness: We will treat every project and business with the same set of rules; we will not favour or treat one business preferably from another.
  • Integrity: We aim to differentiate ourselves by our trustworthiness and commitment to the highest financial, personal and ethical standards.
  • Accountability: We will be financially and ethically accountable to all our stakeholders and partners in order to build long-term sustainable trust in our brand.
  • Transparency: We will be open and transparent in all our deals with partners and businesses.
  • Empathy and compassion: We will treat each business and project with great service, respect, empathy and compassion, doing our best to create tailor-made successful and sustainable results.